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 Benedikt Tolar / BIO

Benedikt Tolar (CZ) is one of the prominent creators on the contemporary Czech art scene. He is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, known mainly as an object artist and sculptor. 


In his work, he often recycles everyday items and transforms them into ready-made works of art with the help of contextual transformation. He likes to work with the motifs of absurdity and infantility, but he combines them in a sophisticated way with, for example, motifs of sacredness or nobility. Fragments of cars, animal monsters, bathtubs, satellites covered in varnish, chaotically mixing colors, monumental sculptures or spiritual symbols – all this creates a colorful synthesis of the author's imagination.

The work of the sculptor Benedikt Tolar is characterised by a non-violent play making reference to sculpture, and by a cutting humour.


This is usually created by the recycling and re-contextualisation of waste or found material. Though the results of his work are close to object, the sculptural background is always clear. Tolar sometimes works in the countryside on land-art installations,

Tolar has long been working with the comic utilisation of readymades that he combines and transforms into bizarre figures.